Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing – If your cupboards are starting to look dated and unappealing, kitchen cabinet refacing can improve the look of the room at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire cabinetry in the kitchen. In the refacing process, the doors and drawer fronts are removed. The remaining frame work may be refaced with wood veneer, plastic or RTF, a malleable foil that is printed to look like wood grain. Similar material is placed on the face of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts before they are replaced. New hardware can be added to complete the updated look of the kitchen.

There are several reasons to consider kitchen cabinet refacing in place of replacing. Many older cabinets were built in place. They remain much sturdier than the modular units normally used to replace them. Cost is another factor. Refacing is much less expensive and less time consuming than an entire replacement. Refacing works well as long as the basic structure of the cabinets is in good shape and solid. It is not a good choice if the flow of the kitchen needs to be reworked. If you simply need more cabinet space, additional cabinets can be added to match the refaced existing cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is an excellent way to give you kitchen a new and updated look. The process can transform a kitchen that is stuck in the 1960s to a modern looking kitchen that looks great for entertaining guests. Your kitchen can once again be a place where you can enjoy work. That’s simple. With refinishing, you get a low price but you don’t really get anything new. Only a change of color sprayed over your old cabinets. It’s like bandaging a broken leg. It looks good for a while, but soon you will begin to see the same old problems of broken doors, broken drawers, ugly old style grain and eventually the refinish begins to peel up. This leaves you right back where you started, only a few thousand dollars poorer because now you have to do the job over.

With kitchen cabinet refacing, you get all new exterior cabinet parts without having to gut the kitchen. Most cabinet interiors are in pretty good shape VS the outside. This allows refacing companies to use the old interior as a foundation for new exteriors. You get new doors and drawers in a style and color of your choosing. Refaces should also include soft close hinges and drawer slides, new end panels, larger crown molding and trim. And, in most cases professional kitchen specialists can have your kitchen install completed in just 3 days!