French Country Dining Table for Dining Room Decoration

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French country dining table – When looking for a dining room decorating style that is practical, but with a touch of elegance, you might want to choose a French country kind of style. Prevalent in France in the 17th and 18th century, the design refined and simplified the heavy and ornate styles of the past two centuries in France. Although it is still elegant, the style became more subtle and affordable. French provincial decorating choices are extensive enough to please the taste of almost anyone. Include your own style elements in your French provincial dining room with the help of information.

Select the focal point. Choose one or two pieces of furniture that you want to build around as a key point, such as a buffet, hutch or a dining table and chairs. Select the French country dining table style kind. Select solid woods such as fruit wood, walnut, oak or mahogany and upholstered chairs. Check out a book about French provincial decor or go online to find examples of French provincial dining furniture. Take the little things around the room as the details are an important part of French provincial design. Add small frames, objects with French labels or bottles of wine. Subtle nuances make the difference.

Beside add French country dining table style, choose your colors. The French countryside is alive with color, so fill your room with color. Instead of a monochromatic color scheme, select the colors in muted tones, as if time has worn and weathered its vibrancy. Select sage green, lavender, unbleached linen, beige, soft colors of gold and cornflower blue. Combine your muted colors with some vivid colors like brick red or chocolate brown to these colors work well with the subdued shades. They represent the colors found in the little house in the French countryside. Add accents; subdued does not mean boring.

Furthermore, placing French country dining table add beads or lace to pillows or draperies. Include a painting or a print of a French scene. Frame a piece of fabric or fabric and use it as a wall hanging; incorporating a mirror into your decor. All these elements add eye-catching ornaments to your dining room. Include wall panels. Because records in a French country kind of place often have a symmetrical and balanced look, use wall panels to create this feeling in the dining room. Light your French provincial dining room with a ceiling lamp with a lampshade fringe of beads. Tin wall sconces with lights also add to the romantic look.